You’ll Never Say “What?” Again!

You’ll Never Say “What?” Again!

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When hearing declines, something that was once so easy–such as sitting in a noisy restaurant and listening to a friend tell a funny story–can suddenly seem so difficult.

You can try to fill in the gaps by picking up on the gestures and facial expressions of the person talking. When everyone else laughs, you know to laugh too, even though you haven’t heard enough to understand the punchline. Nodding on cue, lip reading, and sitting in the front row are other ways you might try to compensate. But hearing loss can be exhausting! After a while, you might find yourself deciding to just stay home instead of struggling.

At TOPs Hearing & Balance Center, we know how difficult it can be to struggle with hearing and the importance of hearing well to stay connected to others and your surroundings. Better hearing leads to a richer, more fulfilling life. We want to help you hear all of life’s sound effects–from crickets softly chirping and the joyfulness of your grandchildren laughing to really impactful sounds, such as the blaring of a car horn or the pitched whir of a smoke alarm when you’re sleeping.

Life is noisy. It’s important to stay tuned! Make an appointment at TOPs Hearing & Balance Center for a hearing test. Through our hearing technology and services, we can help you be in control of your life. We evaluate your hearing and provide personal solutions to improving your hearing and preventing further damage through highly sophisticated hearing technology. We can also offer effective strategies to help you easily communicate with friends, loved ones and coworkers. Call us today!

Carol Orsak, MA, CCC-A

Why Wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss

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Discover today what we’ve accomplished for so many others in Houston, TX who were experiencing hearing loss.

Through our audiologist services, we’ve helped them regain control of their lives.  We can help you too. We can provide solutions to help make speech clearer through highly sophisticated hearing technology. We can also offer effective strategies to make communicating with family members, friends, and colleagues easier. Better hearing is just a phone call away!

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Tired of struggling with hearing loss?

If you’ve noticed that you can’t hear as well as you used to, you’re not alone: Hearing loss is the third most common physical health problem after arthritis and heart disease, affecting 48 million Americans. The good news? In almost all cases, treatment is available. Hearing technology is moving fast. We can help you — or someone you know with hearing loss — take advantage of the latest advancements.

Ready to tune in?

Don’t miss out on everything from the punch lines of jokes and family conversations to movies and TV audio. At TOPs Hearing & Balance Center, our audiologists’ mission is to help you tune in again with the right hearing aid.

We treat our patients like our own family because we recognize that hearing well is important in all of your relationships!

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Why Wait?

You don’t have to live with hearing loss

Why Wait?

You don’t have to live with hearing loss

Why wait? You don't have to live with hearing loss. Call Us Today